Chateau Tour de Calens 2014

Chateau Tour de Calens
Famille Doublet

  • 2014 Vintage:
  • Semillon, Sauvignon blanc Varietal:
  • AOP Graves Appellation:
  • 12,0% Alcohol %:
  • 1,0 g/l Sugar:
  • 7,2 g/l Acidity:
  • Famille Doublet Producer:
  • 17,50€ Price:
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Apellation Graves contrôlée.

Vineyard: Located on the left bank of the Garonne, south of Bordeaux city, in Beautiran, it is spread over 10 hectares of which 2 ha are reserved to produce White Graves, the rest being red.

The soil is made of a deep layer of gravel and some grey sand.

Owner: Bernard et Dominique Doublet are the owners who are assisted by their 2 sons. Alexandre took over the “Graves”. Bernard DOUBLET, has a long heritage of family “maîtres de chais” and wineyard owners. He is a qualified oenologist and is working towards traditional and quality wine. One of his main passion is to extract the fruity flavour from the grapes.

The wine: Yearly production: 13.000 bottles, Grape varieties:50% sémillion, 50% sauvignon. Age of the grapes: 20 ans, the harvest are manual. The maturation takes 7 months , 2/3 in vats and 1/3 in oak barrels with frequent lees stirring. It’s colour is light yellow. It is deliciously fruity and very scented, as well as having quite a lot of body. This wine can be kept for 3-5 years.

Food-wine match: This wine being crisp and relatively dry perfectly matches with shellfish, lobster, shrimps, and any cooked fish. Also excellent by it’s own.


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